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Backwoods Trading Post

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Archery Services

Backwoods Trading Post offers complete archery service from experienced archery techs. From simple fixes to complete tear down and repairs we do it all. We are fully equipped with a Last Chance Archery Ultimate EZ bow press, we also have a draw board for fine tuning purposes. We offer arrow re fletching as well as arrow customization. We cut our own solid color arrow wraps in store so you have the option of making them as large as you want and for a great price! See our services and prices listed below.

Archery Service Price Sheet

  • Complete Bow Tune - $30.00-40.00(includes greasing axles)
  • Tech assisted paper tune - $20.00
  • Self Paper Tune - $10.00
  • Loop Install - $7.00 (includes material)
  • Peep Tie in - $5.00
  • Kisser install - $1.00 or $3.99 includes kisser button
  • Re Serve Center - $10.00
  • Re Serve Cables - $5.00-15.00
  • Re String - $10.00/string or starting at $110.00 (includes new Vaportrail strings and cables)
  • Arrow Re fletch - $2.50 per arrow including fletching
  • Arrow Wrap - $1.00 ea. (not including wrap) $2.00 ea. (includes backwoods trading post made wraps)
  • Cut arrows - $1.00 per arrows not including insert
  • Drop away rest install - $10.00
  • Standard rest install - $5.00